One-Year Anniversary Celebration!

Thursday, July 25th - All Drop-Ins $10!

One year since we opened our doors! Bring your friends, all drop-ins are only $10 all day (12pm-9pm)

Friday Night Special

3-9pm Fridays: Drop-in passes only $10!

Includes kids and adults, so bring the whole family! Day pass includes climbing shoe and chalk rental (if shoe sizes are available).

Climbing with Kids? We highly recommend completing waivers before arriving to speed up check-in if you are a new guest. Each person will require a separate waiver, and waivers for those under age 18 must be completed by a parent or legal guardian. Click Here to Complete A Waiver Online

Wednesday ladies nights

5pm-9pm Wednesdays

All Ladies climb for just $15 for the evening!




The difference between an Allergy and a Sensitivity, and 5 nutrients to heal Leaky Gut

What exactly is the difference between a food Allergy and a food Sensitivity, and what in the world is Leaky Gut?

In this informative session we will focus on defining factors between an allergy and a sensitivity, and how these immune reactions play a role in perpetuating the development of intestinal permeability, or “Leaky Gut”. We will also discuss the impacts that Leaky Gut can have on energy levels, inflammation, mental function, joint pain, immune health, and nutritional deficiencies. 

Emily will also share with you quick tools that help to alleviate symptoms associated with Leaky Gut, and nutrients that specifically work to rebuild the intestinal lining!

Free to attend

June 24th @ 7:00 p.m.

For more information, please visit Emily at the front desk!

About the Instructor: Emily is a Nutritional Therapy Practitioner, outdoor adventure enthusiast, and lover of food. She specializes in digestive wellness, detoxification, and nutrition for enhanced athletic performance.

Emily believes that food is medicine for the body as fresh air is medicine for the soul. Her mission is to support others throughout their personal journey towards balance and optimal wellness, while empowering them to make lasting, sustainable changes to help them achieve their best, most vibrant life!


“Snap, Crackle, Pop: Understanding, Preventing, and Recovering from Climbing Injuries”

November 8th, 7-8pm

Nico Brown


Senior Vice President, Howards Head Sports Medicine Center

Business Operations and Vail Health Total Joint Care


Zack DiCristino




Week-long moonBoard Competition; October 20th-26th

The MoonBoard Throwdown competition will take place on our brand new Moon Board. The Moon Board is an app-controlled LED climbing board used worldwide for training and competitions, unique because climbs can be shared across all Moon Boards via the app. The Moon Board has gained an impressive following and we are excited to be part of the Moon Board community! This competition is open to all ages and abilities, prizes will be awarded not only for hardest climbs in women’s, men’s, and youth (under age 14) categories, but also for best costume and Judge’s Pick (flails and creative video entries welcome)!

Competitors will have from the time the gym opens on Saturday the 20th until closing time the following Friday to climb, film, and post to Instagram the hardest benchmark problem they can on Monkey House Carbondale’s new Grasshopper-framed MoonBoard.

To enter, competitors must upload a filmed ascent of a benchmark problem on the Monkey House Carbondale MoonBoard to Instagram with the climber’s name, the name of the problem, the grade, and the hashtag #MHCmoonboardthrowdown and tag @monkeyhousecarbondale, @ahhgrasshopper, and @moonclimbingna. Competitors may post multiple video entries throughout the week. There is no entry fee; a day pass or membership is required to access our facility. Only benchmark problems climbed and filmed at Monkey House Carbondale will be counted. All climbs must be completed according to the Official MoonBoard Rules (found in the MoonBoard App settings).




Saturday, October 27th, 5:00pm

Monkey House Carbondale, the Roaring Fork Valley’s newest indoor climbing facility, will be hosting a week-long climbing competition this October 20th-26th, culminating in our Fall Fest on Saturday, October 27th from 5:00-10:00pm!

Our Fall Fest will be a fun evening including time to mingle with friends, enjoy local food and drink, watch the MoonBoard Throwdown finals, and watch or participate in an informal community Dyno Competition with prizes from Monkey House Carbondale and other sponsors. This event also wraps up our week-long MoonBoard Throwdown competition with a final round in which the top 3 male and female competitors will compete in a game of PIG on the Moon Board for the title of Money House Carbondale MoonBoard Champion. We will also be selecting winners and handing out prizes for Best Costume and Judge’s pick from participants’ Instagram submissions during the week.