Fabrizio Zangrilli

owner, coach + route setter

Fabrizio Zangrilli has years of experience traveling the world looking for beautiful alpine climbs as a professional climber and mountain guide. With the support of some of the best companies in the climbing industry, he lived out of a tent at some of the most beautiful base camps in Nepal, Pakistan, Alaska, Patagonia, Queen Maud Land, Antarctica, Peru, Kenya, the Alps and Tibet for 9 months of the year - always returning to Colorado to enjoy the ice and granite seasons. 

Fabrizio's accomplishments have been in the spotlight, including Rock & Ice Magazine’s 25th Anniversary edition feature of his route as one of the best 100 in the past 25 years. He is currently sponsored by Rab and CAMP/Cassin, still searching for ephemeral mixed lines around the world.

After settling down in the Roaring Fork Valley, Fabrizio and his wife were missing the indoor climbing community in Boulder and decided to bring a small bouldering gym here. Monkey House Carbondale was thus born with the idea of providing a fun training and community center for the valley’s climbers, athletes, kids and visitors alike.