house rules

Warning: Climbing/Bouldering is dangerous. It has an inherent risk to all those participating and can result in injury, paralysis, or even death. When you and/or the minors in your care participate in any activity at Monkey House Carbondale, you voluntarily assume all risk associated with climbing, bouldering and related activities. These rules were designed to keep you safe. Please follow them closely, be careful and respectful:

  1. Everyone who stands on the bouldering pad or enters the "Boardroom" must have a completed waiver on file.

  2. Everyone must check in at the front desk before using the facility.

  3. Parents or Guardians must supervise their children under 14 at all times. No unsupervised drop-offs will be allowed at any time.

  4. No bouldering under the age of 14 without direct supervision by a coach, parent or guardian.

  5. No one under the age of 18 may use the "Boardroom" without direct supervision by a coach, parent or guardian.

  6. Be courteous to other gym users.

  7. No Running, rough-housing, horseplay, distracting noises, or yelling.

  8. You must down climb from the top hold of boulders.

  9. No bouldering under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

  10. No food or drink on the padding. Do not leave anything on the padding.

  11. No chalk bags worn on your waist while bouldering to help maintain the best air quality possible.

  12. Absolutely no instruction or coaching shall be provided by anybody other than Monkey House Carbondale Staff without prior consent.  

  13. No ice axes allowed.

  14. Before beginning any sort of fitness regimen, check with your physician; particularly, if you have any sort of heart problems or other medical conditions that prevent you from being active. We do not have a medic on staff to help. If you are injured, you must seek your own medical treatment.

  15. All participants must agree to follow all gym rules, policies, and instructions provided by staff, and procedures. You will be asked to leave if you do not.