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  • Why Climb?
  • Monkey House Youth Program Vision
  • What We Do: Indoor Bouldering

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1. Why Climb?

Climbing presents unique opportunities for challenge and growth - plus, it’s fun!

At Monkey House Carbondale, we are passionate about sharing the lasting benefits of climbing with kids of all ages. These include:

  • Physical benefits: Young climbers build strength and fitness as well as coordination, spatial awareness, flexibility, focus, and endurance.
  • Healthy habits: Climbing is a fun and engaging way to stay fit and learn habits for lifelong health and fitness
  • Emotional benefits: Climbing is more than just physically challenging, it also presents many opportunities to manage fears, build confidence, learn the value of commitment and practice, and overcome failures.
  • Community: When young climbers join our program they become part of a community where they can make lasting friendships, build communication skills, and benefit from a supportive team atmosphere.


2. Monkey House Youth Program Vision

We strive to help each of our young climbers improve their climbing skill and ability while also growing personally. 

We focus on 3 general areas of improvement:

  1. Climbing movement and problem solving
  2. Strength, fitness, injury prevention
  3. Personal growth, commitment, confidence, sportsmanship

Finally, we want to make Monkey House Carbondale the most fun, safe, and supportive atmosphere possible through personalized coaching and opportunities for young climbers of all ages and abilities to challenge themselves and progress at their own pace.


3. What we do: indoor bouldering

Bouldering is a type of climbing that requires no more than a pair of climbing shoes and some gymnastic chalk to get started. As a result, bouldering is a very accessible way to learn climbing movement and build strength and is enjoyed by climbers at all levels from novice to professional. 

At Monkey House Carbondale, our indoor bouldering walls are an exciting place for young climbers to explore the sport of climbing in a controlled, fun, and supportive environment.